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The Utility of the Future

Both energy and digitalization are on everybody's minds today. Both play increasingly important roles in our daily lives, yet few realise how interdependent these industries truly are. Digitalization promises to re-align our economy around data and computation, but the digital economy of tomorrow will be built on the shoulders of today’s electrical infrastructure. Fewer still can see the tremendous industrial and societal opportunities when two fundamental requirements of the digital age integrate.

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Cost Efficient

Explore the revenue-increasing and cost-reducing opportunities of converged energy & digital infrastructure.

Energy Efficient

Understand how converging infrastructure improves efficiency and reduce material consumption without compromising availability.

Blueprint for Growth

Learn how digital power and the digital grid will develop and what the future of digital infrastructure will look like.

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Packed with data and insights for shaping the future of digital infrastructure.

  • Both the digital and energy industries are at inflexion points.
  • Data centers are a Power-to-Heat resource of the future.
  • Convergence creates value across the entire Energy Sector in the form of electricity services.
  • Location synergies expand the opportunity beyond Energy Sector.
  • Digital Power will be to the 21st century what Electrical Power was to the 20th century.
  • The Utility of the future is the simultaneous provision of electricity and digital power.
  • The growth of Energy infrastructure is the blueprint for the growth of Digital infrastructure.

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The Author


Mohan Gandhi

Head of Research & Policy


Behind the Report

About the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance

Creating the net-positive digital economy.

Our mission is to enable a thriving digital economy without a negative impact on the environment through the creation of competitive and sustainable digital infrastructure. The Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance is the first body to represent the digital infrastructure sector as a whole, driving collaboration across industries to reach the common goal of a net-positive digital infrastructure sector.


Max Schulze

Executive Chairman

The SDIA has a number of active workstreams that we are looking for like-minded organisations to participate in:

  • Combine the pillars of compute, power and network into a unified voice represented by the SDIA.
  • Promote the Sustainable Digital infrastructure that underpins the Digital Economy and how to benchmark it.
  • Build the roadmap towards net-positive digital infrastructure
  • Create a comprehensive set of metrics and measurements that can be adopted by the digital infrastructure industry and provide a route to Sustainable Digital Infrastructure.
  • Drive research & commercial implementation on new technologies needed to reach the targets.

We invite organisations working in this sector to join the SDIA and actively participate in the journey. For more information and to become a member please contact us.